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Security Seals Solutions & tamper evident products

Banalo Trading supplies high quality, tamper-evident and innovative security seals to a wide range of industries. Tamper-evident security seals from Banalo Trading provide an immediate indication if a tote, shipment, container or any other sealed item has been tempered with.

Wide range of security seals

Fast Seal SP

Fort Cash Bag Seal

Mega Arrow Seal

Fast Seal

Fast Seal 3.5

Domino Seal

Special Cash Bag Seal

Arrow Seal

Fort Twin Lock

Domino SP

MCLP 150_18

Fort Hasp Padlock

MCL 250_18

Fort Twin Lock

MTW with wire

MCL 350_20

Generic A5 Transparent – Medium Security

Generic A3 Transparent – Medium Security

Generic A5 XS Transparent – Medium Security

Generic A4 Transparent – Medium Security

Triple Lock Casino Seal

Meter Seal

MCLZ 250_22

Fast Seal

Mini Padlock

Mega Padlock

Klicker (Die cut packaging)

Klicker 2K

Triple Tight Seal SP

Fast Seal 3.5